wishlist: designer accessories #1

bertie trainers here | warehouse blue purse here | grey mulberry lily bag here | michael kors watch here | michael kors phone case here | mulberry black purse here | carvella black ankle boots here | i’m aware they’re not all strictly designer, but what can ya do.

hello! yes, it’s another wishlist. i’ve been doing a fair bit of window shopping recently, both for things i could never afford like my last wishlist and things that i could maybe get if i saved up for a few months (read: years).
i’m desperate for a new purse as my current one is literally falling apart. the mulberry one is top of my list but at just short of £300, it’s quite the investment (the same could be said about that beautiful lily bag too!). on the more reasonable end of the scale is the bright blue one from warehouse, i adore the colour!
i honestly wish i saw those trainers before my size disappeared, as they’re so similar to the isabel marant bobby trainers that i’ve wanted forever. the buckle boots are amazing too, such a wardrobe staple.
now, onto the watch. that lovely, lovely watch. it’s just perfect! then again all of the designer accessories from michael kors can do no wrong in my eyes at the moment. i wish i could justify another gold MK watch, but i’m really not sure i could dare think about it. for now, i’ll just stare at it longingly.

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