WISHLIST: The Designer Edit | Black and Gold Edition

I’m finding myself browsing the pages of Net-A-Porter much more than the likes of Topshop these days. Maybe I’m just dreaming or making mental notes for future purchases (god, I wish I had a house to remortgage…) or maybe there’s just something about the higher end brands that just gets me, you know? On my recent trawl through the many pages of luxe goodies, I found myself opening all of the above in tabs and they all seem to have one thing in common: black. Once a goth, always a goth, ey? Let’s discuss it all…

The Bags | It’s no secret that I love my bags (see my most recent purchase here) so it’s always the first section I head for when browsing. I have a huge thing for the Chloe Drew bag (see this post for proof) and the Saint Laurent tote is actually next on my purchase list!

The Shoes | I remember when everyone went crazy for lace up flats, but it was the original Aquazzura ones that caught my eye – they’re just so perfect! I also adore over the knee boots (especially with floaty dresses) and those Kirkwood flats, my only question is black, white or silver? I also have a major crush on the Acne Jensen boots and have done since they came out last year (I believe) but can’t decide between leather or suede, as seen above – what do you think?

The Accessories | That watch. I am head over heels for that Larsson Jennings watch. I mean, look at it! The silver version is pretty dreamy too. I’m always keeping my eyes out for a new purse incase my Kors one decided to pack in and that Saint Laurent one is rather special *heart eyes emoji*.

What would you buy if money was no object? Any high end items on your wishlist?

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Helen x
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