wishlist: ebay edition #3

hello! while i’m still in ebay mode, here’s another installment of things i’ve found while searching for mostly ridiculous things like this cushion (c’mon, it’s adorable)
you all know how addicted i am to my isabel marant boots, they’re literally the most perfect style and i’d buy them a billion times over. cue how excited i was when i found the above pair for less than £25! so good. i might buy the viv westwood style bag for the sake of carrying my laptop around, it looks like the perfect size.
anyways, i hope you liked this weeks list (definitely check out vipxo’s blog for more, she’s the queen of ebay, i’m merely an occasional browser) and as always, if you’ve found any bargains let me know!

isabel marant style boots | hermes style bracelet | pop nail polish | makeup phone case | zigzag pattern playsuit | viv westwood style tote and here too | cross cuff bracelet | ankle strap heels | patterned shirt

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