WISHLIST: Ebay Edition #6

Hello! I’ll keep this short and sweet and I’m sure you all know the Helen’s-been-trawling-eBay-again posts that I’m trying to include more of. I’m on the hunt for the perfect ripped denim jeans, yet absolutely hate trying them on as I’m so used to skinny jeans so always feel enormous in them. But, I’m determined to get on the bandwagon so should probably just order a pair and get it over with! I’m dying for a super simple small black bag (the Gucci one will be mine. Soon) so that Celine style bag would be ideal. I think the YSL earrings and white blazer are pretty obvious choices, as they’d look pretty chic no matter what you pair them with. I thought I’d find you all an alternative to the Topshop gingham dress that I adore and the one above is a pretty decent dupe for a fraction of the price. Finally, the Beyonce tshirt. C’mon it’s awesome. Definitely ordering it!

Hope you liked this weeks eBay post, anything taking your fancy?

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