WISHLIST: Ebay Edition #8

bag, alternative #1  | white leather trousers | marble shirt | bulldog shoes alternative #1 | blue blazer | grey jumper | sunglasses

Hello! After a short break (read: one day, shock. But a very eventful day nonetheless, more on that soon) I’m back with a little wishlist. eBay has become quite prominent in my online searching recently, as I’ve bagged quite a few bargains on it so as always, I’m sharing a few pieces from my current watch-list.

First up, I’ve wanted a Mulberry Willow tote since they came out, but, as they’re mostly £1k+, my bank account has firmly said no. Booo, so they above bag is a pretty darn good alternative to get the style. I’m obsessed with marble print since buying my Zara shirt, so, as it’s sold out, I thought I’d find something similar for you all. The blue blazer and bulldog shoes are a given for just being lovely and I’ve got the burgundy, black and grey (yes, I went overboard) version of those trousers so the white would be ace for spring/summer. Oh and the sunglasses, cmon who doesn’t love a good gimmick (plus they’re pretty Wildfox style without the price tag!)

Let me know if you like (or buy!) anything from my little selection!

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