WISHLIST: High Street Loves #2

fedora hat, here | feather bag, here | black and white boots, here | infinity earrings, here | leopard bag, here | black boots, here | leaf necklace, here | black and white heels, here | white tote bag, here | silver curb necklace, here

Hello! Yet again I’ve been trawling the internet for all of the high street treats I’d love to add to my wardrobe this week. I’ve narrowed it down to accessories, as I would just wear bags and shoes if it were only appropriate, so I do hope you like my picks.
First of all, my favourite thing has to be the infinity earrings from Claire’s, as I’m getting a little infinity sign tattoo’d at some point, they seem perfect for me! Plus, they’re super cheap which is a bonus.
Black and white seems to be a thing for me at the moment, and I’m craving some white boots, but the heels completely caught my eye. They’re so pretty and different from the usual black, even though I’ll never stray too far from my dark comfort zone, so am glad there’s a little of that tone in there. Every part of me wishes I could find a hat that suits me, so am desperate to try a few Topshop ones on just to see. I’m praying I find one that doesn’t squish my fringe down!
Finally, as I’m eternally on the hunt for a new bag, I’m feeling something feathery may have to join my collection. I keep seeing them pop up on blogs and they look so good! Not sure if I could pull it off though so we’ll have to see!

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