WISHLIST: High Street Loves #4

skate dress, here | fur clutch, here | stripe jumper, here | mini white bag, here | camel coat, here | black wedges, here | gold infinity ring, here | black joggers, here | black skate shoes, here | grey jumper, here | black hat, here

Hello! This is my first wishlist, no, the first time actually browsing clothing sites this year. Despite this blog being initially a fashion blog, buying clothes seems to have taken a backseat recently as I’ve been more drawn to beauty products, especially in the sales. Obviously I’ve picked up a new bits from Zara and Topshop, but I haven’t went overboard like I usually do!

Anyways, as you can probably tell above, my current colour palette of choice is black (naturally), grey, camel and white. As I’ve said a billion times, I’m still determined to find a hat that suits me so I’m gonna have to bite the bullet this year, try a few on and find one that doesn’t squish my fringe down too much.

I’ve been really into bags recently, mostly smaller sized handbags specifically. That fur one from Hobbs really appeals to me, as it’s a bit different from all of the ones I’ve seen. Actually, most of their bags are quite unique in style, which is quite refreshing to see! Still, I’m holding out for the Gucci disco bag (booo £570! Probably never gonna happen…), but a girl can add other ones to her wishlist in the meantime.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over my obsession with the colour (or lack there of) black, so that dress and the joggers would fit in perfectly in my dream wardrobe. As for the shoes, skate shoes are everywhere at the moment and, just like the Balenciaga-esque boots, I’m slowly being converted. Some may just have to join my wardrobe soon but hey, for £20 you can hardly complain!

So, that’s my wishlist for this week. I’ m desperately trying to hunt down a camel coat, but as the winter season is coming to an end in the shops it’s proving quite difficult! If you’ve seen one, holla at me.. or something like that.

What are you lusting after this week? Let me know below…

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