WISHLIST: High Street Loves #7

ripped jeans | white shoes | check blazer | orange bag | check sunglasses | black cat eye sunglasses | blue blazer | orange skort | black tote bag | white sunglasses | long grey coat | gingham trousers | stacking rings one, two and three | white and silver bracelet | black strappy shoes | orange trainers 

I can’t even remember the last time a wishlist featured on this blog, which is so bizarre as I’m constantly window (screen?) shopping. A bit of a monochrome, grey, blue and orange theme seems to have popped up and, although unintentional, it does reflect the colours my eyes seem to be drawn to at the moment.

Since a month of so back, I’ve been constantly on the hunt for a good pair of summer flats. You think would be easy but yet as a toe/feet hater, it’s surprisingly hard to find anything that’s light enough yet isn’t a strappy sandal. Those white ASOS dreams are currently high on my list (they come in black too), as they seem like the perfect chic flat that’s more than a boring ballet pump. I actually picked up the orange New Balance’s and would totally recommend them for a cliche pop of colour, plus they’re comfy as hell.

I’m quite keen on chic blazers and throw on jackets right now, so all three featured above would fit the bull nicely. I’m desperate for the light blue one though, definitely worth the investment for how perfect it is. Finally, I’ve been wearing my new MJ sunglasses so much recently that I think you’re all gonna get completely sick of them. I do think they’re amazing, but I’ve been looking at a few others just so you don’t all end up rolling your eyes every time they pop up in an outfit post!

What are you coveting this month? Let me know!

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