WISHLIST: My 2015 Dream List

I said a few posts back that I was going to make a wishlist for 2015, so I would have a bit of an aim for the year and didn’t impulse buy. I’m really determined to condense down my wardrobe and replace some existing items with quality pieces, so I’ll run through what I’d love to get my hands on. Some are hugely unattainable, but I suppose that’s the ‘wish’ part of the wishlist, right?

1: The Bags | First up is the dreamy Proenza Schouler PS11 in black, as it’s been on my radar forever. I’d probably have to get it 2nd hand as it’s rather pricey, but it’s such a dreamy, simple yet luxe bag. Love. Next is the Gucci Soho Disco Bag in the shade Rose Beige, which I’ve fallen head over heels for. I was adamant that I’d get it in black, but the nude shade just seemed perfect to me. Finally, a Chanel. This is probably the most insane on my list as they’re crazy expensive, but it’s something to save up for in the future! I’d get the middle sized one, in black with gold hardwear, though I do prefer the straight flap edge of the more vintage styles (or a boy bag!).

2: The Clothes | As this wishlist covers the whole year, I’d love to get some gorgeous knits in my wardrobe. The ones I have are nice, but I could pick fault with them all if I was forced! I really want to pick up some simple dresses this summer and this navy one is just the style I like. So simple but so pretty. I already have the white drape top on the list, but I’m obsessed with the fit so I really want to add some more for summer and into autumn. I’m still yet to add the perfect dark wash jeans to my wardrobe, so will be checking brandalley etc for any sales that pop up soon! Finally, another slightly ambitious purchase would be that of a Burberry Trench Coat. They’re just so amazing and such a classic!

3: The Shoes | Not a huge amount of these on the list, which for me is a little strange! I’ve been obsessed with the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats for a while now and, although they’re a bit novelty, I really do love them! Next, I really want to own a nice pair of black leather heels that are actually comfortable (if such a thing exists). They don’t have to be designer, just a nice style and shape! Oh and a nude pair wouldn’t go amiss either…

4: The Extras | I really need to up my accessory game this year, so adding things like hats and jewellery is a must. I love that grey hat and tried something on the other day (which I stupidly didn’t buy!) and it was just so nice! My poor circle necklace snapped as I wore it to death, so I’d love to replace it with a gold version I think, as delicate jewellery is my favourite. I am completely obsessed with that black Louis Vuitton scarf, as it looks so darn cosy and the perfect little bit of luxe to wear for years to come. And finally, I’ve always wanted some small diamond earrings to wear throughout the next year, as they’re so simple but so eye-catching.

Is there anything you’d love to buy this year? Or anything on your dream wishlist?

Helen x
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