WISHLIST: Spring Wishin’

I don’t know about you, but I’m so over the cold weather now. Done with it. Needs to go away asap. I want it to be that weather where it’s warm enough to not warrant a huge coat, but you can still get away with cuffed jeans, boots and a nice jacket. I want thin layers instead of thick jumpers that you have to wear or you’ll freeze to death. I want to be able to wear all of my nice new loafers without my toes falling off. Please? Is that too much to ask?

So, in today’s wishlist, despite not entirely being in the typical spring palette (keep your sickly pastels to yourself, thank you) I’ve been dreaming a little of Spring. I’m keeping to my usual black, navy, white and grey which I still can’t say no to, but wishin’ for lighter materials. Stand out pieces to me are definitely the navy dress (why oh why didn’t I buy you?), the snake boots and the sweet white lace dress. I’ll add in more colour soon, I promise, though it may just be camel and lighter blue as that’s as bright as I wanna go right now.

What are you wanting to wear this Spring? ps. I’ll be putting up a fashion blog sale, so keep your eyes peeled via twitter. Update: Blog sale is now live – see here to get shopping!

Helen x
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