Wishlist: winter coats

H&M dark blue coat, here | Oasis coral coat, here | Topshop grey coat, here | Topshop oversized camel coat, here | Oasis blue coat, here | New Look black fur coat, here | River Island cream teddy bear coat, here | New Look shearling biker jacket, here

Hello! Whether you’re new to this blog or have been reading for the long haul, you’ll probably be well aware that coats are sort of my thing. They’ve become a bit of an obsession, but as I’ve paired down my wardrobe, I keep looking for staples rather than fast fashion pieces. Obviously some do still take my eye and while I dream about this one from COS, the above are on my radar.
Clicking on over to the winter coats section on the FashionChick UK site hasn’t been helping my balance, as I’ve found so many that I wasn’t even aware of. …Not to mention the boots. Oh the boots. Anyways, coats! I tried on the coral Oasis one the other day and it’s pretty darn perfect, the most ideal bright coat if the pale pinks aren’t your thing this season. After seeing the River Island teddy bear coat on the lovely Camilla and Sandra, and in person instore, I was a size away from at least trying it on. Another favourite on the list is that gorgeous dark blue one from H&M, which I adore as it’s not your typical navy and has a great cut to it.
Of course, I’m limiting myself this season and have already spent a fair bit restocking the Zara section of my wardrobe. So, until the aforementioned COS one is mine (I can dream, can’t I?), I shant be buying another. Well, I say that but I am quite weak-willed so we’ll see how long that’ll last…

Have you seen any lovely coats about this season? Let me know below.
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