WTF of the week: net a porter edition

marc jacobs wedges (here) – £795 / lanvin crystal leather gloves (here) – £870 / aurelie bidermann gold plated necklace (here) – £850

the WTF part of this week comes from the sheer insanity of the prices. i mean, the marc jacobs boots look like rain boots with wedges, which is all kinds of wrong in the first place. i could buy a pair of elbow length leather gloves for about £20 on ebay, get some crystal strips from a haberdashery and make those lanvin gloves myself. they didn’t even look nice on the put together advert on net a porter. and that necklace, gold plated! not even 9 carat, for that price i’d be expecting it not to rub off after a while. it’s hideous, anyways. honestly, the people who buy these things need to have a word with themselves.