Years and Years with Star Wars and HP Lounge

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Bit of a different post from me this evening, as I’m gonna chat about a gig I was lucky enough to attend in London last week. On Wednesday, my friend Laura and I scooted down to London for a fantastic day and night with HP to see Years and Years. What made the gig even better is that it was in association with Star Wars – which I adore – so I was over the moon to spend my time hanging out with some cool characters. Is that sad? I care not.

First of all, we were invited to the HP Lounge to view all of their latest laptops and I pretty much fell head over heels for the black and rose gold one. Blogger cliche, but it was so darn pretty. They’ve also released a limited edition laptop just for Star Wars (out 17th December – who’s excited?) fans which comes with some awesome accessories and red backlit keys too.

There’s also a cool new feature which HP has brought out recently called HP Lounge, which allows new HP laptop users access to some of the world’s biggest artists free for 12 months. HP Lounge is an ad free (yay) web radio streaming service which gives you access to so many artists on Universals Music catalogue. Not only does it offer you amazing music, but you can get the opportunity to win special VIP tickets and meet and greets with bands and much more! Well worth a download.

Onto the main event: Years and Years. I got to go backstage and meet the guys who were really nice! Olly is such a sweetheart and can drop some serious moves on stage – legit want to go on a night out with him now! They were amazing to see live, as I’d only really heard their songs on the radio, I was extremely impressed and was humming their lyrics all the way home on the train!

I had a really great day, got to see some super cool tech and to meet a band who are pretty darn big right now – til next time London.

Helen x
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*Unlimited access to Universal Music’s portfolio for 12 months, free to HP customers. Internet access is required.