yesterday: chocolate cake, purses and the best egg fried rice in the world

this is an image heavy post, just so you know…
my starter: niku gyoza
sharon’s starter: marinated chicken
jina’s starter: tempura prawns
the chef liked setting things on fire
he was very good at cooking though
sharon’s main: lamb cooked on a hot plate with chicken fried rice
jina’s main: king prawns (they were huge) cooked on a hot plate with egg fried rice
my main: fillet steak (my favourite) cooked on a hot plate with egg friend rice
as it was sharon’s birthday (like three weeks ago but what can you do) we got her cake
and she opened her present
we bought her a vivienne westwood purse
and now we all have one… (top – bottom: mine, jina’s, sharon’s)

so here’s the people i went with: sharon and jina, i met them in college so we’ve known each other for about 5 years now. crazy

me and jina and my gappy fringe strikes as usual

so i went home and decided to do some pictures (go away dark circles)
they’re taken on my phone so they’re awful quality the bigger they get, sorry guys!

when my boyfriend went out of the room so he didn’t take the mick (soz sean)

complete with phone shadow on my face, well done helen

i tried to take a photo to show my outfit which you can sort of see but not very well

my wedges look quite big here. bad photo i know. i was using my iphone and the mirror was dirty (which is a mirror i gave him when i moved back in with my parents, yes it’s a little feminine haha)

anyways this was what i was actually wearing:

navy belted dress from warehouse, cropped leather jacket from h&m, plain black tights, topshop amie wedges, MAC lipstick in craving (my favourite lipstick everrr)
i’m going to the same restaurant next sunday for a meal with people i used to work with. i will definitely get fillet steak again, my god it was so nice. i was a little disappointed with my starter as i could taste the pastry more than the actual filling but sharon’s chicken was so good. the staff were a little bit pushy which meant we were in and out quite quickly, i mean it was extremely busy but it didn’t make us feel very good. sharon was very happy with her present aswell, we now all match in the vivienne westwood purse department.
i went to my nephew’s christening today so i’ll try and get photo’s, as he looked adorable and my sister made a really good cake. my family are big dessert people and my mother and sister do cake decorating. no wonder i’ve got such a sweet tooth…