I wish I had a quid (literally, I’d have an army of Chanel Boy bags by now) for every time someone stumbled across this blog thinking it was about cats, or subsequently sent me a tweet or instagram message saying ‘I love cats too!’. I mean, I do love cats and wish I had a furry sidekick to sprawl itself across my keyboard when I’m in the middle of trying to type, but sadly, they are not the basis of this blog*

This is, however, a personal style and beauty blog written by me – Helen, hi how you doing? – from up North (actual North, Newcastle, yes it is bloody freezing). I do try and incorporate pretty much anything I fancy writing about, so that’s went from purely fashion to personal style to beauty to lifestyle to baking to tips and advice… I’ll try to cram more topics in there no doubt, as I’m one to get bored easily and my brain is constantly thinking of things. Having said that, this little space on the internet has been going for over three years now (15th May is my official blogiversary – send cake) and I don’t plan to stop any time soon, which is either great or terrible depending on your stance.

Let’s have a history lesson shall we? Back in 2008, I used to read blogs constantly and was borderline obsessed with the ones that covered all of the latest Vogue editorials and street style. I collected those expensive fashion magazines and absorbed every bit of style to come across my eyes, so it was a natural development that I’d end up starting my own blog. In the beginning, it was me rambling about anything sartorial to little or no audience, but it was a source of entertainment and escape (even if it did take me a week to publish my first blog post). When I ended up doing a magazine journalism degree, I took my blog slightly more seriously. People started following me (much to my exclaims of ‘Mum!! It says someone is following me! How creepy is that?’) and I posted more and more, turning it from purely fashion into a style diary of sorts. My outfits became a regular feature and eventually, as a lipstick addict, I delved into a spot of beauty, which has become one of my favourite parts, much to the detriment of my bank balance.

Fast forward to the start of last last year and I’ve found myself offering tips to fellow bloggers to help those just starting out, chatting about my favourite lifestyle elements and interiors and sharing my love of cake with the internet. I’ve finally learned how to use a DSLR (sort of, it’s a work in progress) and found a passion for photography that I didn’t know was possible, as I previously refused to get one of those ‘massive clunky cameras’. I’ve strengthened and extended my writing and been able to join a community filled with the most wonderful, creative and thoughtful individuals around, which I am incredibly grateful for. Seriously, I talk to you guys more than my real life friends and I’m perfectly happy with that.

It’s even helped me get the PR and Marketing Manager position I have at my current job, for which I am endlessly grateful as it’s a job I always wanted but never knew how to get there. Cheers blog.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, both on this page and in general to be honest, maybe it will end up being about cats after all?

(*psst, it’s from The Cure’s song Lovecats, if you’re wondering).