Hello! I used to do a ‘five favourites’ style post a while back, but stopped and concentrated more on beauty favourites. So, I’m reviving the it as sometimes there’s more to life than just beauty products and they deserve love too. Obviously I’ll keep some beauty favourites in here (because they consume at least 40% of my life) but I hope you like the rest!

Monica Vanider Bracelet | I opened the box this came in and literally squealed. It was so beautifully wrapped (in a box that was hot pink on the inside!) and a gift bag and a jewellery box, this baby was quite secure! Everything down the tissue paper was perfect and lord knows I’m a sucker for packaging, so this ticked all the right boxes. As for the bracelet itself, I was so taken back to see it had been engraved with my name – something I wasn’t expecting at all! It’s so delicate and beautiful, and it’s adjustable so fits my tiny baby wrists. Huge, massive thumbs up from me and I’m pretty much never going to take it off.

Organic Surge Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel and Balance Me Natural Protection SPF25 | New in this week, but very much a part of the family already. The Organic Surge Shower Gel smells like a warm, tropical rainforest, sort of citrus (with the sweet orange oil) but with a twist. Definitely one for summer! Now, when I got some information sent through about the Balance Me moisturiser, I was quite excited as a) I adore the brand, they’re right up there in my top five and their products have done wonders for my skin and b) SPF! Now, if you’re a little lazy with your skincare/remembering SPF, this product kills two birds in one stone. It goes on a little white, but just keep massaging it in and it’ll disappear, leaving you with a protected and hydrated complexion. Balance Me does it right every time, gurl.

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk | I read this book cover to cover in less than a day the first time, so decided to re-read it instead of being glued to my phone travelling to and from my boyfriend’s house. It’s such a good book, with a brilliant story and equally as good writing style. I do rate Chuck Palahniuk as an writer (Invisible Monsters is also amazing) and I’ve got a stack of his books to get through over the summer. Making an effort to read more is definitely on the agenda this year.

Bee Good Honey and Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser | Similarly to my first pick – the packaging! It was another ‘aaah’ situation as I was opening the box. I love the bee theme (I want to get one tattoo’d at some point!) so the entire idea and concept behind the brand really appealed to me. I mean, c’mon it came with biscuits! As for the cleanser itself, it’s a wonderful cleanser with a great consistency that leaves your skin soft and smooth. It’s really lovely to use, so am looking forward to seeing more from the brand.

Flamingo Candle in Pink Lemonade | I adore candles. I pretty much burn one every night, so this Flamingo Candle has fit into my collection pretty well. The jar is really cute with the flamingo on the front and the size for the price is really good! Plus, it burns for so long and smells utterly divine – exactly like sweets. They have so many different scents, and you can get little melts to try them out, so they’re well worth checking out.

What are you loving this week?

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