My Girls Night in with RumChata



There's something so satisfying about doing absolutely nothing at the weekend. You know, deliberately making zero plans with anyone and just dedicating some time to chill. That's honestly my favourite thing to do, especially if Phil is working late at the office.

Just me, my book, the sofa, a nice drink and the kittens. Bliss.

I've teamed up with RumChata for this post dedicated entirely to how I spend a girls night in. I know a lot of you would get your pals round, watch a trashy film and order takeaway, but I'm one of those people who actually enjoys spending time by myself. I love it when it's quiet and calm, as I know I can truly relax in that space.

So, my recipe for the perfect night in would be making myself a drink with RumChata and their delicious liqueur with rum - I'll include the recipe below - eating popcorn (have you tried dark chocolate and strawberry popcorn? Prepare your mind to be blown) and catching up on a book that I've been meaning to read for ages. All in pj's, of course.

I really enjoy making a nice cocktail rather than a glass of cider or a spirit and a mixer, as it's always way more pleasant to drink than something insanely strong. With RumChata only being 15% and it being sweet, it's such a great base for a cocktail and the perfect treat!


So, as RumChata is a blend of Caribbean rum, vanilla, cinnamon and spices, it has such an easy-to-drink feel and it's one I really enjoy! You could definitely have it by itself over ice, you could Irish up your coffee or make a lil' cocktail which is what I did...


Who's up for a White Russian?

1 part RumChata

1 part vodka

1 part coffee liqueur

1 part cream or milk


Mix it all together - add ice or not, I prefer not, silly sensitive teeth! - and you've got yourself a pretty darn delicious drink. I can have one and leave it there, so it's a great for drinking responsibly (which you should always do!)

This post has been a collaboration with RumChata