recent purchases: topshop sale

left to right: colour block jumper – £25 from £40 / ‘klover’ gold bar navy slippers – £30 from £52 / tulip ruffle bra – £8 from £16 / tulip print mini – £3 from £6 / ‘podium’ red suede heels – £50 from £100

so, the above is what i bought from the topshop sale online. i blogged about the red shoes when they first came out, i loved them but at £100 i thought they were a bit much. £50 is much better! and they remind me of prada ones with the small peep toe. my underwear drawer is overflowing (i’m a little obsessed with matching sets) but i couldn’t resist the sweet tulip print. all of the other sets that i wanted were sold out in my size. only teeny or huge sizes left and my boobs really aren’t that big! i am a slight loafer addict, with 4 pairs already from topshop, and i thought that these would make a lovely addition. and the jumper, cmon, it’s awesome.