STYLE: Clever Clothing | Staple Pieces

I do love multi-use clothing, as you can see above. You know those staples pieces that can work from the office, to a night out, to hanging out with friends. Black jeans would have to be my number one choice for this, but there’s lots of other pieces in my wardrobe that I use for multiple functions.

Recently, online retailer Fashion World decided to produce a guide to help shoppers be more clever with this clothing, transforming some common combinations to suit a while array of situations. I really love the idea of this, as a fan of the capsule wardrobe, I always think you can make your wardrobe stretch much further than you think!

They carried out some research over on Facebook to see what situations women find the most difficult to dress for and to make clothes they already have work. Then, the most common problems were handed over to top stylist Zoe Pennick and the beautiful plus-size model Lucy Moore to fix!

They tackled a whole range of dilemmas, from beach to bar, after work drinks and the perfect to-go dress. The results of their problem solving are on the site, including styling and some helpful commentary from Zoe to make you feel more confident with your look!

Check out all of the Clever Looks on the Fashion World site and their YouTube for all of the awesome styling videos! So handy to bookmark incase you ever get stuck with one of the scenarios.

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