TIPS AND TRICKS: Beauty Tips #4

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Would you believe I haven’t wrote a beauty tips post since the end of May? Crazy. Today’s is a little different, as I wanted to include some fellow bloggers and let them give you their quick fix beauty tips! I might do more posts like this in future, as I had a great response and do really want to work with more bloggers. So, keep reading for some awesome tips and don’t forget to check out their blogs!

Tip One | Keep your makeup wipes stored upside down, so that all the wipes are coated and keep fresher for longer. It stops them drying out so quickly! – by Sophie of Sophie Rose Hearts

Tip Two | When creating winged eyeliner, always have your eye open and looking straight ahead when you do the wing, doing it closed can often (not always if you’re lucky enough) make it look wonky once you open your eye again – by Alex of Alexandra Elizabeth

Tip Three | Apply products to your eyes before the rest of your face. Prime your eyelids then use micropore tape along your cheeks where you want your eyeshadow/liner to end. Once you’re done, peel it off and you’ll have perfect matching sides! – by Laura of Blonde Velvet Lover

Tip Four | Implement make-up free days into your week: It’s really good to give your skin a days break from a full face of concealer, foundation, mascara and whatever else you usually apply. It helps your skin feel less congested and goes a long way in improving its health and longevity! – Jessica of A So Called Beauty Blog

Tip Five | Use hair conditioner as shaving gel. It’s a great alternative to shaving gel as it does help moisturize your skin and the shaver glides effortlessly against your skin – Hristina of Misty’s Stuff

Tip Six | Keep your skin hydrated in the winter by drinking lots of water and use products like oils, creams and balms to keep skin moisturised. If you get really dry patches, invest in a mask that contains Salicylic Acid as it ensures that your cells are constantly shedding and renewing themselves to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth – Hannah of Hans Addiction

Tip Seven | Put a little concealer around your brows after you have filled them in to create a really clean line/shape – Sarah of Simply Sarah

Tip Eight | If like me every mascara crumbles or smudges under your eye (even waterproof mascara), instead apply one coat of clear mascara over the top of any black mascara. It seals everything in and will not smudge – Laura of Lelore

Tip Nine | If like me, you’re forever messing up your winged liner or after years of applying mascara still manage to get it on everywhere but your lashes then earbuds are a must!! A little bit of makeup remover on the end and they remove any annoying little mistakes. Great for tidying up the edges of a bold lipstick if it starts to bleed out during the day too – Charlotte of Styleaked

Tip Ten | If you like applying kohl liner under your lower lashes, but find that it smudges everywhere, use an eyeshadow primer underneath. Especially if you use a cream concealer as it tends to move more unless you powder it – Just a little one from me.

What’re your top beauty tips? Let me know in the comments!

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