today: university and gold

jumper and jeans: zara / shoes: H&M / belt: primark 

first day back at university today (it’s an insanely long break, i know) and it was absolutely freezing! i’m in some of my lessons by myself which is good productivity wise, but oh so boring social wise. it’s only for 2 lessons a week so i’m sure i’ll survive, plus i get friday’s off whereas my friends are stuck.
i didn’t actually wear these shoes today, as i stupidly wore tiny little flats, but i got them in the post this morning and decided to show you’s anyways. they’re a perfect heel size to wear all day but give you an extra boost of height, not bad for £18.
the jeans are actually dark green but as i took these photos in terrible lighting, you’d never be able to tell!
i’m now back at home, after my media law lecture was cut 40minutes short, and i still can’t warm up. currently curled up next to the radiator like a cat. this evening, i’m gonna catch up on blogs, download some new music and watch absolutely fabulous.