The H&M Home Haul


There’s something so nice about being in a flat that you like. My previous flat was quite unique, but had a lot of flaws which means we could only really use the sittingroom, as the bedroom was so cold. But, in my new place, the bedroom is big and light and our flat is physically warm when you walk into it which makes me so much happier.

As we’re going to be here for a year, I want to actually decorate the space we have to make it feel more like ‘home’. I’ve already bought some furniture from ikea to tuck things away into, as I want a minimal amount of items on the floors, and plan to use pretty accents here and there to inject a bit of personality into an otherwise plain layout.

So, I went where every blogger goes when they want to do a homewear haul: H&M home. The obsession is real with that section of their site and I must check it on a weekly basis. I’m both happy and frustrated that marble and rose gold has become so popular in the past year or so, as it’s a trend I’ve liked for years but am only able to buy the bits I want now! Apologies if I look like a sheep, but you know, it’s pretty, right?

I’m looking forward to putting my haircare, body products and facemasks into the larger copper wire baskets in my bathroom. I love the idea of having them displayed that way so I can remember to use them more when I have a shower. A lot of these items are for blogging (you know how it is) but I’ll be using the candles and marble bits to store things in and add a bit of detail. What do you think of my purchases?

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Helen x
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