A Few Online Favourites & Who To Follow


Being a blogger and general internet stalker, I do come across my fair share of amazing people. There’s some seriously inspiring ladies (and gents) out there who are absolutely killin’ it online, whether that’s on their blog or YouTube or just with their general attitude and approach to life. So, in the spirit of sharing the ‘blog love’, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to tell you who I truly admire in the online world.

One: Lydia Elise Millen | I’m 100% sure you’re probably already following her, but I can’t tell you how much I love this lady. From having 0 followers to the hundreds of thousands that she has now, she’s never changed, not one bit. She’s proof that working hard, both creatively and physically (dat bod tho) really pays off and she’s one of my favourite people to stalk. I love how honest and down to earth Lydia is and it’s something I really admire her for!

Two: In The Frow | I totally adore Victoria and, like Lydia, she’s another gal who’s never changed despite having an absolute crap load of followers. Her photos and videos are on another level – and constantly improving – and I swear she’s a machine as she seems to work 24hrs a day! Victoria is a fantastic example of a woman totally striving for what she wants while inspiring others to follow suit – the world needs more women like her in my opinion!

Three: Big Fashionista | There’s not a day that goes by that Kellie doesn’t make me either laugh or nod furiously at my laptop screen with her witty, or sometimes very serious, blog posts and social updates. If you need a dose of fresh air between admiring lipsticks and someone’s new handbag, then this gal is the one for you. She definitely needs to come with a ‘warning: contains swearing’ label, but that’s what I love about her, as she’s never afraid to voice her opinion and use her online influence to say what she thinks. I wish more people would follow in Kellie’s footsteps!

Four x2: @Hayerlily and @Pollyvdsz | I’m grouping these two lovely ladies together because I think I started following them at the same time and I love them both equally. There’s something so inspiring about following creative people, especially ones who adore food as much as I do, and I really love reading their tweets and seeing their designs. Polly’s company Sighh Designs does the best phone cases and stationary – run entirely by Polly herself like the bizznizz woman she is – and I literally want to buy everything and I’ve adored watching Hayley overcome her disorder to get to uni and be the little ray of sunshine I always look forward to seeing on my timeline. I probably sound like a weird stalker, but I love seeing creative ladies do well!

Five: Hannah Louise | Another blogger I’ve followed for such a long time – and got to meet recently, yes she is that pretty irl – and one I have admired more and more as the years have passed. Hannah has always stuck to her own style in blogging which I already loved, but recently it’s been her opinions that have really resonated with me. She writes the occasional well thought out piece on everything from cultural appropriation to using your platform for opinions, but it’s just so refreshing to see someone – especially with a large follower number – talk about things which are important in today’s society. Go Hannah!

Six: I Am Chouquette | I wish I knew Claire in real life because I think she would instantly cheer you up! I started following her on snapchat a little while ago and I swear Claire (and her husband Paris) is the most hilarious person ever – so ridiculously down to earth and never takes herself seriously on there which is so great to see. Her blog posts and videos are insanely professional and I love following her travels. Claire’s approach to her designer wardrobe is fantastic too, as she always focuses on working damn hard to get the nice things in life which I think is something more people need to hear! I can only see this lady doing better and better and she totally deserves it.

Which bloggers do you think are inspiring? Please do talk about them below, I think it would be great to make this post a positive one!

Helen x