TODAY: My Xmas Day

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! We’re not huge on xmas in our house and don’t go overboard, but we do always spend the day together, with lots of food and much praising of my mum’s homemade Christmas pudding as it’s seriously good, plus playing games with the kids (my niece adores my boyfriend).

So, on the morning I was at his house in my new Jack Wills PJ Shorts Set* and we opened presents (well, his, mine got delayed in the post so I’ll get after xmas presents…). I got him clothes and other boring things, plus a cat selfies book and a mug shaped like a cat which is basically the best thing ever. We went to his nana’s and then my house so I can open presents off my family, then eventually got to my sisters which is where we now do Christmas (it used to be at mine). I made my adorable nephew wear reindeer antlers and harassed my sister’s cat for photos, as she’s the sweetest thing and getting so grey! We had dinner, including four rounds of pudding from me (not sorry) then played lots of Wii U with my niece before heading home, as I was literally in a food coma.

My parents kindly bought me a GHD Aura Hairdryer for xmas as a desperately needed one, plus other bits and bobs including a bottle of Bailey’s the size of my head from my sister. Like I say, we don’t go overboard as they always know if I want something, I’ll buy it myself but I am super grateful for the presents I got! Now I’m just waiting on the sales… note: wrote this last night, the sales happened. Oh, how they have happened.

Helen x
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