Establishing Your Wardrobe | Part 5: The Wishlist


Hello and welcome to the 3rd part of the new series -

Establishing Your Wardrobe.

Make sure you've read part 1 - the why which will give you the first stepping stone to establishing your wardrobe, part 2 - the inspiration which will show you how to find attainable inspiration for your style going forward, part 3 - the styling which will show you how to work with the pieces you already own, aaand step 4 - the clear out which will help you sort through your wardrobe to create sustainable style going forward.

Step 5 is 'the wishlist'

The fun part! Well, sort of. We're not going to dive in head first and spend a stack of money because we'll end up right back in the same perpetual cycle of clear-buy-clear.

The aims of creating this wishlist is to fill the gaps in your wardrobe with items you will actually use and ones that will last a long time. We want to be able to think deeply - referring back to our 'why' and our inspiration - about the clothes that reflect our aims and help us get dressed quickly and effectively.

Aim to only add a few pieces a year to your wardrobe. Yes, you heard that correctly - a few pieces. Once you've established your pieces (in part 4), you're only adding in selected items to truly round out your wardrobe and make it super functional for your every day life.

So, here are my 'rules' to creating a wishlist that should help you create yours.

Rule 1:  Ignore instant shopping gratification

Buying something can be thrilling. We get a little hit of dopamine when we swipe a card or impulse shop. We get excited when something arrives in the post... And then that excitement fades and we start browsing websites looking for that same rush again.

So, creating a wishlist, a year long wishlist, can really help in retraining your brain not to seek instant gratification from shopping. Getting out of the habit of shopping out of boredom and learning to wait, especially if shopping pre-loved, is much more satisfying than hitting 'buy now' every other day.

Rule 2: Add it to your list and sit on it

Following on from the above, I'll add something to my wishlist and sit on it for a while. Sometimes we think we want something because it looks nice on Instagram or on the model, but once you write it down, it can be easily forgotten.

Though looking at your wardrobe as a whole and identifying gaps, we give ourselves more opportunity to sit and think which builds more sustainable habits going forward.

If you're still thinking about that item in a week, a month, 3 months, or you find you're reaching into your wardrobe and it's really lacking that one particular thing, then it may be worth the purchase.

Rule 3: Does it actually work in your wardrobe?

As we're creating a more functional wardrobe, we have to make practical purchases that fit in with our aims. When thinking of your wishlist, ask yourself:

- Can you wear that item with your whole wardrobe?
- Or at least 10 different ways?
- Is it good quality? (more on this in my next post 'how to shop')
- will stand the test of time? Is it too trendy?
- Is it worth the money?

And, finally, do you actually want it or is it just everywhere on social media right now? This one sometimes gets me and makes me want to spend more because I'm seeing it everywhere and I like it, so why not buy it? Noo. Add it to your wishlist and sit on it!

Rule 4: Don't settle

It's so easy to pick something up just because it sort of fits what you're looking for, right? Wrong. If you're looking for the perfect, round neck, cashmere, grey jumper, then buy just that, even if it takes longer to save up for or you have to wait a while. I promise you, it's worth getting what you truly want than settling for less.

Everything I've compromised on I've sold or donated far quicker than anything I've waited for and really considered.

Hopefully using the steps above, you'll be able to create a year long wishlist that fills the gaps in your wardrobe, helps curb any compulsive spending and ultimately makes you much happier with your style!

That's the end of the basic 5 part series, but I will be expanding on the Establishing Your Wardrobe concept with complimentary posts. Next will be 'how to shop' which should be useful once you've created your wishlist.

If you've found this series useful, please do let me know on Instagram!

Helen x