TODAY: Standard

coat: M&S | jumper: Topshop | jeans: Paige Denim | shoes: Paul Green (via shoeaholics)* | bag: Sophie Hulme | sunglasses: Stella McCartney*

Just realised how perfectly irate I look in these photos. You can blame the cold for that as it was bitter and that usually makes me a bit mad (well, everything does if I’m honest). These snaps were taken pretty darn quickly due to this fact and my outfit is pretty basic, so there’s not much to show off! I was on my way to Sandra’s, armed with cake, to be the organisation queen that I am (I jest, but seriously) and help her sort out her wardrobe. I thought I had issues with clothes, gurl trumps me with how much stuff she has but we managed to cut it down by half! I weirdly like helping people throw things out and organise their wardrobes, as I know how I see it as a form of therapy so really hope it makes them feel the same way. There’s something so freeing about getting rid of stuff that once I start, I can’t stop, and helping Sandra with hers has made me want to sort my room out all over again. You don’t realise how much clutter you have until you get rid!

I’ll not waffle on too much in this post, but I hope your Monday is going ok and you got dis etc. I’m at work today, but I’ll be doing lots of blog organisation on my lunch and writing posts as soon as I get in. Fun times, ey. Leave me your links so I can check them out too! Oh and take a peek at my blog sale.

Helen x
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