today: sunny weather and slouchy shorts

shorts: H&M / trainers: ebay / jumper: topshop / watch: MK / bag: D&G

it’s eventually sunny! i hope everyone in the UK is taking advantage of it being a lovely day today and having a nice time!
i, on the other hand, have no plans. typical. my boyfriend is at a wedding, my friends are all at work and my dad won’t switch the golf off!
this morning i got up early(ish) to go to the post office and  decided today was definitely a shorts day. my legs haven’t seen the light of day for months now, so it was quite nice to let them out of their jeans cage. it’s a pretty basic outfit but i do love these shorts. they’re the perfect amount of slouch yet you could throw a pair of heels on and they’d still look nice (in my opinion).
anyways, i reckon i’m going to spend most of today looking for holidays and watching more of the wire, as i’m obsessed. let me know what you’re up to!

the whole ‘healthy eating’ thing is going down ok. my niece got chocolate at the shop earlier and i stuck to tic tac’s. if that’s not dedication, i don’t know what is.
my vivienne westwood purse is falling apart. all of the croc print has worn off at the top, wahh. sadface etc. i would replace it but i’m quite attached to this one, just wish it had held together a bit better for how much it cost.
my nails are rimmel’s sweet as sugar with topshop’s ice crush at the base. i absolutely adore this light blue shade, think i’m gonna paint my nails in it more often.

bit of a short post today guys, but i haven’t really got too much to say! oh, by the way, if you have any recommendations for tv shows for me to watch, then please leave me a comment!

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