weekly wants: jeffrey campbell lita

lita platform in taupe, black pony fur, tapestry and distressed brown

whenever there’s a ‘fad’ shoe that turns up on blogs, it takes me a while to think it over and see if the shoe outlasts the trend. like the sam edelman ‘zoe’ or the jessica simpson ‘dany’. don’t get my wrong, i do like both of those shoes and would not turn them down if they were given to me.

the main thing i dislike is the massive hype in price, especially for those that don’t live in the US and have to reply on imports or dreaded ‘somethings popular therefore we’ll double the price’ ebay.

on a positive note, having thought about it for a few months i think the jeffrey campbell ‘lita’ is my favourite overblogged shoe so far this year. i love the colours that he’s released (apart from the shag one, wtf seriously) and i wouldn’t mind owning all four versions i’ve featured above. unfortunately that would cost me a fortune to do so i think i’ll have to save up for the next few months…