A Little BRITs Party

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The BRIT Awards are here again! Can you believe it? There’s always an amazing line up and this year is no exception. I’m totally supporting fellow Geordies (well, not all of them) Little Mix and I can’t wait to see Rihanna as she always looks like a total babe. I hope Adele (yes, GB, we can do this) wins her categories of which she’s nominated for four – I’ll be waiting for her performance too!

Being a style blogger and someone with a keen interest in fashion, I also love to see what the stars will be wearing. There’s nothing like flicking through the slideshows afterwards to see a round-up of stunning (and some less so) outfits.

Anyway, I thought it would be a nice idea to put together a post on hosting a party for The BRIT Awards 2016! I’ll just be outlining the things which I think are the most important for parties to go down well:

DRINKS | First and foremost, drinks! Frontera are the official wine of The BRITs 2016 and I’ve got some stashed away for the occasion. It’s good to have a mix of drinks and my favourite has to be the rose, I’m a big rose fan but sometimes I can be tempted by a crisp white too!

FOOD | Errbody loves food and snacks at parties, so make sure you’re stocked up. I always eat my body weight in party food whenever it’s available! Failing that, a good takeaway is always a good shout. Get a few large pizzas in and you’ll be loved by every guest (or at least yourself, I know I love myself more when I get pizza…)

FUN | The best part of having any kinda party is having some fun! Dress up in a previous outfit from The BRITs, like Geri Halliwell’s iconic union jack dress or pretty much anything Lady Gaga has ever worn – just make sure you don’t have a Madonna and her cape situation…

What would you do when hosting your own party for The BRITs 2016?

Helen x
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