Refy Brow Sculpt and Brow Pencil

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Refy Beauty - The brow pencil and brow sculpt


Just a quick post today as I wanted to cover two products which I think give the best brows! I've tried a lot of brow products now - from cult Benefit powders and pencils to IT Cosmetics and more - and I've had them tinted and laminated in the past, but I honestly prefer the look that these two products give.

So, what products am I talking about? Instagram famous Refy Beauty ones, of course. They have a concise range of brow products to cover you for any brow look, whether you like them big and fluffy or more groomed and defined.

When doing my brows, I start with the Refy Brow Pencil. It has a very small nib, so you can really fill the brows in as much or as little as you need (I don't do too much to mine) and it looks natural rather than too solid or powdery. It has good staying power, too.

I follow this with the Refy Brow Sculpt which is almost like a clear glue to keep your brows in place. You'll be amazed at how this stuff makes brows appear out of thin air - it honestly makes it look like you have double the brows! Mine usually sit very flat and straight, but with this stuff they look so 'done' and fluffy. I love it and often wear it alone with just mascara for a no makeup look.

I've bought the Refy Brow Pencil and Refy Brow Sculpt twice in the past now and I would totally buy them again, as they're must-have products for me.

I would definitely recommend these two products if you want quick, easy brows or want to try some new brow bits!

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