The Big Autumn Wishlist



Major Autumn Vibes

Autumn! Who's excited for this time of the year? Fashion-wise, at least. I was really into Summer this year and feel like I picked up so many good pieces, so I was a bit disappointed when the temperature dropped, but having done a lot of Pinterest stalking, I'm now excited for the A/W season. Less so for being cold, of course, but give me all of the layers, fluffy coats, nice boots and cosy scarves and I'll be happy enough!

So, I've had a bit of a trawl through a lot of online stores to get some inspiration and have a good look at what the stores are bringing out and so far I'm reasonably impressed! & Other Stories and Mango are doing so well and are definitely my top picks if you're looking for places to start. I love all of their neutral tones and the blazer/coat section is amazing. I'm excited to pick a few bits up!

The Essentials

Now, we all need a good selection of A/W basics in our wardrobe. I'm talking about a good jacket or blazer, that thick Winter coat that will keep you warm all season long (which is about 9 months in the UK), staple jeans, some thinner knits to begin with then a couple of chunkier jumpers aaand a good pair of boots. I think that makes up my wardrobe every year, with a couple of seasonal 'trend' pieces thrown in.

So, I thought I would separate out the below into bitesize chunks so you can have a browse through each section to find your favourites. Maybe you just need a new Winter coat this year? Or that one perfect knit. Gurl, I got you covered...

The Lighter Layers for Autumn


The 'Big' Winter Coat


The Staple Boots

The Cosy Knits


The Extras


The Investment Pieces

The Inspiration

I'm always inspired by other Bloggers, Instagrammers and some simple street style shots around Fashion Weeks or just on street style blogs. It's so nice to see real clothes you can actually buy then and there on people whose style you love. Some of the below are my major inspiration for this season, as there's some great use of colour, staple pieces and it's all very much ~my style~. Now, if I could just find away to swap their faces with mine...


What I Love

I've shared that photo of my fave Lucy Williams with the sheekskin coat and Chloe bag a thousand times because it inspired me to buy both pieces last year (well, the bag in January). A true hashtag influencer.

I just love the combination of oversized coats, jeans and loafers for Autumn. It's a look I've been wearing for years and years and it never gets old, as you can mix and match it with so many different pieces in your wardrobe or change accessories to make it look fresh again.

I'm also really into lace up boots this year and I'm dying to find the perfect pair (preferably ones that don't make my size UK7 feet look like boats) so I can wear them all season long. The only other boots I'm looking out for this year would be a pair of mock-croc, patent or tan/brown ones, but I'm not desperate for them so am happy to wait for the ~perfect~ ones to show up, as I'm sure they will.

However, while it's still a little bit warm, I'm going to be wearing my jeans rolled up or opt for a cropped pair with little shoes (aka my Chloe scalloped edge ones) and top everything off with a snuggly jacket. That's balanced enough, right?