Things That Make Me Happy #13

Just thought I’d lure you in with a rather delicious looking baking photo (who’s excited about Easter chocolate season? I am) for today’s ‘things that make me happy’ post. It’s actually the first thing I’ve made in my new house and I had to go in with a classic which happens to be the first baking post I ever put on my blog – thank god my photography has improved since then! Anyway, on with today’s post…

One: The Flat, Obviously | Even though it’s really hard work and I’m exhausted pretty much every day, I can sort of see the flat coming together a little bit now. It’s definitely been more graft than I thought it would be, but as soon as I got to the painting stage I got so excited – even though I hate painting – because it’s one little bit closer to being done which is very exciting! The joiner is coming round today to fit a new banister on the stairs, then IKEA are over later to plan my kitchen …But that’s a whoooole other story as I think that may be my next nightmare…

Two: New Opportunities | Even though I’ve been a teeny bit inconsistent with my blog over the past month (due to being busy, soz!) I’m actually kind of pleased with how it’s progressing. I’m excited to work with certain brands soon and my freelance stuff is doing well too, so this year has definitely been 100% better than 2016 so far!

Three: Spring Updates | I recently did a wishlist full of amazing Spring pieces and I’m so excited to see lighter colours in the shops. I can’t wait to buy the perfect ankle length light denim jeans, some floaty shirts with big sleeves and lots of French inspired purchases over the next few months!

Four: Travel | I’m off to Paris at the end of March and I literally cannot wait! We get basically three whole days to explore and take photos, so fingers crossed the weather is nice! I’ve never been to Paris so I’m very much looking forward to it – the blog photos, guys.

Five: Appreciation | You know when you find comfort in small things? Like someone helping you with something, the warmth from an electric blanket, eating your favourite food or just being grateful that you have what you have. It sounds very soppy, but during all of the chaos and work of this month, I am really noticing the little things that I appreciate.

What are you loving this week?

Helen x