TODAY: Graffiti

blazer: H&M | knit: H&M | shorts: zara | shoes: new balance | sunglasses: marc by marc jacobs | bag: michael kors

Yes, more stripes and the Kors bag, but they are a firm staple in my wardrobe. Seriously, I want to wear striped tops 24/7, I even got a bit anxious when my favourite one was in the wash the other day and I might even be wearing one now. It’s an addiction, you guys.

It’s a quick post from me today as it was supposed to be a bake, buuut I didn’t have enough time to make the recipe I wanted, so just made plain cookies instead. Delicious, but hardly blog worthy. Later on today I’m going to a BBQ and will hopefully be eating all of the food and drinking all of the rose wine. I’ve got a whole blogging day planned for tomorrow too, so this weekend seems like it’ll be a pretty darn ok one.

Please take a peek at my blog sale – I’ve updated what’s been sold and would really like it to all go!

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