TODAY: My Top Shopping Tips

I said I wanted to write more fashion and style posts on this blog aaand here we are with the first one. I used to impulse buy a lot (usually when I’d just got my student loan through and had to buy all of the the things) and thus end up with a wardrobe full of useless, ill-fitting clothes and shoes. So, around nine months ago, I decided to get a grip and buy wisely, ditching the fast fashion for things that are functional and stylish. So, I thought I’d share my tips on doing this which some of you may find useful.

Oh, I recently did a collaboration with Avenue 32 too on their Fashion E-Book where some other lovely bloggers and I shared our top style tips, so thought this would fit in nicely with that! Have a read through, as it’s full of amazing style advice.

One: Invest In Your Accessories | My E- Book Tip: If you were going to opt for that one lustworthy purchase, I’d always go for accessories (like a bag, sunglasses etc) or shoes instead of clothes. If I was going to buy anything designer, I’d make sure it’s something I can get the use out of. Sure, that expensive dress is pretty, but how many times would you wear it before you get bored? A bag, or a staple pair of shoes, have much more mileage if you choose a classic. Even if designer ain’t in your budget, just go for real leather (if you’re not against it) as it’ll last much, much longer than cheaper PU.

Two: Does It Even Fit? | I don’t know how many times I’ve bought clothes that haven’t fit properly, or said ‘I’ll slim into them’, when realistically I shouldn’t have picked them up in the first place. Try everything on in the shop and be honest: Does it fit? If it does, is it flattering? Do you even love it? Will you actually slim into it? Ask yourself lots of questions and it should curb those unnecessary impulse purchases!

Three: Cover Your Basics | If there’s one thing I’m obsessed with, and I’m sure you all know, it’s basics. Denim is my no.1 staple basic and I always, always go for high end denim now that I know how amazing it is. I used to buy a pair of black Topshop Leigh jeans every 3-4 months because they stretch and fade, which, in a year, amounts to £120-£160! Shocking, ey?  Now, if I’d taken that money and bought a pair of 7FAM or J Brand, one pair would last me yonks, cost me less, fit like a glove and never stretch/fade. I’ve only ever paid £40-£100 (av. £60) for designer denim before too, as I wait for the sales or go on eBay/Brandalley/Secret Sales!

Four: Limit Your Trend Purchases | Similarly to covering your basics, I always limit the amount of trend purchases I make. I always think some ‘trends’ are season long for a reason, I mean, they’re cute but are you gonna love them in a years time? I focus on building up the basics of my wardrobe and then add in a few trendy items here and there. I know my style is fairly minimal so this is easier for me to do, but it honestly makes such a difference (to your bank account too!) when you’re not throwing out bin bags full of trendy buys at the end of every season.

Five: Pick Items That Work With Everything | One thing I’ve started doing for a more functional wardrobe is, before I buy something, think of at least five different things/outfits that go with that item. And I mean things already in my closet, not items I’d have to buy to go with it. If it doesn’t go with anything, I put it back. It’s saved me oh so much money!

So, they’re my tips if you’re thinking of re-organising the way you see your wardrobe. I know it doesn’t apply to everyone, as hey, it’s your money so buy whateeever you like, but I thought it might save some of you some pennies in the long run! What are your shopping tips?

Helen x
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