WISHLIST: February Wishin’

I’m totally over it being cold now, so whenever I’m shopping online, I can’t help but gravitate towards lighter layer and Spring inspired pieces. Sites seem to be much fresher with their styles now and I’m so happy to see the change from dreary winter items, even though we’ll be stuck wearing them for a while!

So, I’m a bit obsessed with denim right now and feel that denim dress needs to come home with me so I can wear it non-stop all S/S! I picked up a pair of Frame Denim flares the other day, but those ones are similar and a bargain too, if you fancied branching away from skinnies and embracing the new trend. I’m also hovering over the ‘buy’ button on that white/blue stripe shirt, as it would go with so much, especially white jeans or a white denim mini. I already have those nude boots in black, but think the paler shade is just the change of colour that my shoe collection needs as I don’t own anything in nude! Oh and I’m determined to get my mitts on some little black lace ups and dungarees that actually fit this year too!

What are you lusting after for Spring/Summer? Please say you’re over Winter like I am!

Oh and do check out my beauty review instagram if you get a second – it’s quite new but I’m excited about doing it!

Helen x
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