Happy New Year + A Look Back on 2015


Happy New Year, guyssss. I’m not putting up a ‘proper’ post today, as I’ve already done my 2016 goals and I don’t have a NYE outfit to show you sooo we’re gonna make today’s entry quite lighthearted and thankful!

2015, as a whole, has been quite a good year for me both with this blog and personally. I got a full time job in the career of my choice (hey, marketing and PR), my boyfriend and I moved in together and we haven’t murdered each other and I’ve learned quite a lot of things about myself which has been fun to discover.

I’ve managed to blog a lot considering I do work 9-5 and am limited to a weekend for photos, which I’m really proud of. I know a lot of you assume I blog full time, but nope, it’s all done on a weekend and I’m weirdly proud that I’ve managed to stick at it as long as I have. This is, however, partly down to all of you! Words can’t express how much I appreciate all of the support, tweets, compliments and general conversation that I have with every single person that follows my blog. It means so much to me and I do hope you stick around in 2016! I did have some goals in terms of follower numbers which I’ve fallen short of (I would have liked 15k!) but then again, who cares? I’ve accepted that I can’t devote every hour of the day to this blog, so I’m just unbelievably glad that an extra almost 3,900 of you have joined in readin’!

I’m so determined to make my content even better next year, with a focus on Instagram and photography, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Personally, I’m quite excited about where my career is going to go and the fact that we might be getting a house in the summer! We’ll have to see though as it depends on the dollahhh. Boring adult stuff, eh? It’ll be exciting if we get one though! I’m gonna continue cooking and baking, as it’s something I really enjoy, as well as trying to overcome my travel anxiety so I can come to more blogger events in London.

So, there’s lots to look forward to! I hope you all have had, and will have, an amazing year and achieve all you want to. And, once again, thank you so much for reading!

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Helen x