The Jewellery Wishlist


I’ve got a bit of a thing for jewellery recently, especially since browsing through the Black Friday sales, so when The Jewellery Channel got in touch I knew I had to work with them. I’m really into the concept of investment pieces right now and buying items that will last a very long time, are classic and won’t go out of style. That’s what I like about jewellery, as opting for styles that can be worn for years to come is so easy – whether that’s via a simple necklace or a pretty set of earrings.

I picked the above as I think they fit that criteria perfectly. They’re a mix of simple and statement which I love so I just wanted to highlight a few of them. I don’t think you’ll ever go wrong with a simple diamond right so the one above is so gorgeous – I know a lot save this style for a wedding ring, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong in wearing it at any other time! Arrows have been popular for years now, as have pearls, so they would also be great to opt for as they won’t go out of fashion for a long time. The knot earrings remind me of a pair my mother has which she got years ago – I love the subtle statement they offer and the slightly vintage style of them. If they’re still in now and have been since the 80s, then you can bet they’re still in in 20 years from now!

What are your favourite styles to wear?

Helen x