Five Ways To Sleep Better


Sleep is something that’s really important to me. It hugely affects my mood, my eating habits and my general happiness when I don’t get enough of it, and by enough I mean about 9-10hrs. I don’t know about you, but the 7-8hrs thing just doesn’t cut it for me and I end up feeling exhausted. But, I suppose we’re all different, right? So, whether you love or loathe sleeping, here’s five tips to get a better nights sleep!

One: Temperature | As a naturally super cold person, I used to have absolutely everything boiling and wonder why I’d wake up at 3am absolutely dying. I read a book that said you should sleep in a cold room but make your bed as cosy as possible, so that’s what I’ve been doing and it works so well! Don’t be tempted by putting the heating on before bed, just make sure you have a super cosy duvet or fur blanket (literally the best thing ever) so you can be snug without overheating and waking up,

Two: Time | Obviously it’s a bit different if you’re working unusual hours, but it’s good to try and wind down at around 10pm if you have a 9-5 job. I always try to close my laptop at 9pm at the latest (doesn’t always work!) and to be in bed by about half 10, ready to drift off way before midnight. Bright screens aren’t fantastic for you, as they actually wake you back up, so try to avoid having your TV on right up until the second you want to go to sleep or to be glued to your phone.

Three: Exercise | When I was working out four times a week, I slept amazingly and I’d wake up more refreshed instead of dragging myself out of bed like a zombie. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try and do some exercise at some point during the day and you’re bound to have a better nights sleep! I’ve been trying to do a Yoga with Adriene video when I get home from work, as they’re not very long but a good stretch puts you in such a chilled mood.

Four: Food | I think this goes without saying, but eating lots of sugary or high energy food right before bed ain’t gonna help. Same goes with anything containing caffeine, as it’s just going to wake you back up! Eat something filling at teatime so you’re not tempted to snack, or if you have to have something, try something without caffeine or that doesn’t contain a lot of sugar.

Five: Quiet and Light | I’m one of those people who has to sleep in total silence, but it does make a difference I think. Making sure things are quiet so you can drift off quicker and stay asleep once you have. Black out blinds are great for convincing your body it’s sleep time, but absolutely awful when it’s time to get up! Try just leaving them open or half closed (if you can) during the Winter and still leave some gap at the bottom in Summer, so you body has a chance to recogise it’s daytime and you don’t wake up feeling like you’ve been hit by a brick!

What do you do to have a better nights sleep?

Helen x
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