A New Way to Buy Designer Goodies

Who doesn’t love a bit of shopping on a weekend? I’ve been introduced to a new shopping site recently which lets you get designer goodies for up to 95% off the retail price. Yup, you heard correctly…

Designer Bid is an action style website where you buy a certain number of bids and then you can use those to bid on the designer item you want. So far they’ve sold Valentino and Chloe bags, Louis Vuitton scarves, Saint Laurent wallets and lots more, so there’s always plenty of luxury brands to pick from! Some items have sold for as little as 10 euros which is crazy – right?

All of their items are 100% authentic and come with the original packaging so it’s not a too-good-to-be-true situation. The bid packages start from 15 euro for 25 bids, so it’s quite reasonable if you wanted to try it out!

They’ve got a Gucci disco bag (like mine above, but in red) and a Marc Jacobs bag coming up soon if you fancy winning yourself a lil’ somethin’.

Make sure you check them out and I hope you manage to bag a designer bargain! I’ll be putting up a lil’ bid package giveaway (worth £150) up on my Twitter later (at 7pm!) if you want to keep an eye out!

Helen x

*This post was a collaboration with Designer Bid