TODAY: The Camel Coat

coat: Burberry | jumper: Zara | jeans: Paige | trainer: Adidas | bag: Phillip Lim | sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs*

I’ve had this coat for quite a while now, but it’s the first time I’ve featured it for some reason. I was trawling the internet looking for the perfect camel coat and, while this may not be the boyfriend fit belted dream I was after, it makes for a good close second. Plus it was a bargain on the ol’ eBay! I decided to throw it together with my usual, simple look showing my lovely new trainers that the boyfriend got for me. He still can’t believe they’re ‘in fashion’ but I’m glad they are, as I’ve kinda wanted a pair for years.

Rambling aside, I haven’t got all that much to say today! I started my new PR job this week and I was insanely nervous, but it was completely fine so I have absolutely no idea what I was so worried about. It’s really nice working on a client basis and having projects, so it’s definitely the right move for me and one I’m glad I made. Anyway, today I have a lot of post writing, organising and photo taking to do so I’ll leave it there. Hope everyone has a lovely day!
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Helen x
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