weekly round up: likes, dislikes and what I’m up to

i seem to be a part timer in the blog world over the past week. this is because I’ve been hanging out with sharon before she goes to america and getting my tattoo! i’m currently hiding at my sisters house (sans laptop) for fear of my life as my dad is terribly old fashioned about tattoos. i’ll post a photo when it stops being so gross

things i like
– my beautiful new purchases from zara, which i will do a post on as i bought the most beautiful emerald green skirt
– my dark red/plum jeans from topshop, the colours orange, yellow & grey
– my mulberry bag! it arrived the other day and i can fully understand why they are the price that they are. i’ll do a post on it but oh my gosh, the quality (and even the packaging!) is exquisite.
– obviously my new tattoo makes the list, it’s a big skeleton key at the back of my neck, it’s very pretty.

things i dislike
– sharon going away obviously. she had a proper emotional moment in the car on the way home, it’s nice to know you mean a lot to someone. her main complaint was that we sent be able to eat food together any more, which is basically all we do! that and shopping. i’ll probably save money! I’m just thinking that i get to go to Chicago to visit, amazing.