My Favourite Zoeva Brushes


Brushes – I never knew how important they were until the last year or so, so since then I’ve made it my mission to work out the best ones to make the task of putting on makeup a little bit easier. I luckily got some Zoeva rose gold makeup brushes for Christmas from my parents and they’re pretty much all I’ve been using since! I know some of you are keen to try them but aren’t sure which ones are worth picking up, so here’s a rundown of my favourite six so far – though to be honest, they’re all good!

Before I individually link them, you can pick up the Zoeva rose gold makeup brushes on their website, their eye set is here and the mixed face and eye set is here.

Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer | This nifty little brush is perfectly proportioned to make sure you concealer looks flawless. I tend to use this under my eyes rather on blemishes, but I think it works well when you’re patted your concealer in slightly with your fingers and use this to seamlessly blend the edges.

Zoeva 110 Face Shape | Super soft and just the right shape to get to all of the harder to reach places. I use this brush to buff my foundation around my nose, mouth and near my brow bone – you know, in places it has a tendency to cling a little. I find it good for giving cream products the justice they deserve too!

Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush | This is my new go to foundation brush, as it makes light work of applying all liquid or cream bases. I find it handles everything from lighter CC creams to my heavy Estee Lauder Double Wear, creating a flawless look and blurring over any pores. I highly rate this brush and I imagine I’ll use it for years to come!

Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease | As someone with quite hooded eyes, it’s essential to emphasise my crease to you know, show I actually have one. The Luxe Crease is perfectly sized to apply shadow to your crease and buff it out so it looks blended and super profesh.

Zeova Luxe 227 Soft Definer | This brush is absolutely perfect for blending out eyeshadow so harsh lines are a thing of the past. Once I’ve applied shadow to my crease, I go in and buff out the edges with this and find it woks so well under the bottom lashes too.

Zoeva 317 Wing Liner | I know this is meant for eyeliner, but as I typically use a pen style or the Guerlain one, but I do use this for my eyebrows. It’s just the right size to dip into my Anastasia Pomade and outline my brows before lightly filling them in.

Have you used any Zoeva rose gold makeup brushes?

Helen x
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