My Favourite Podcasts


My Favourite Podcasts to Listen to

I've really been getting into podcasts recently as they're just so great to listen to when you're working or cleaning the house or generally pottering around. You can use them to feel motivated or learn something or laugh and they make a great alternative to music or when you need a bit of background noise.

I can't really do those typical girl-boss podcasts, as I find them boring and demotivating, so I thought I'd share some of my favourites which are a bit of a mixed bag! Hopefully you'll find something that you like, too.


Things You Can't Ask Yer Mum

I'm a long term fan of Lizzi and Lindsey and have been following everything they've been doing online for years. Not only are they so chic, they're also driven, successful and oh so funny, especially together. They cover many topics from sex and relationships to body confidence to grief in the first season of their podcast. Definitely one to listen to for a bit of motivation and a laugh!


One of the first podcasts I started listening to, but DONE is so good. Hosted by Dara Katz and Betsy Kenney, they ask a guest on to their show each week to share 3 things that they're 'done' with. Covering everything from parents who think their babies are geniuses, burgers that don't come with sides, fun facts, unrelenting positivity and more. You will find yourself nodding along and laughing with this one.

This Podcast Will Kill You

One recommended by my friend Chloe, this podcast discusses all of the wonderful infectious diseases that have joined society throughout history. Sounds gross (and it is) but it's incredibly fascinating. They chat through the history, how the disease itself works, what happens if you caught it aaand the treatments. Some of the old school cures will make you feel disgusted haha. I would vote for starting with the Plague episode as it's great!

The Worst

This is a new listen to me as I've only tuned into the first 2 episodes after Greta Titelman (the host) was on The Unofficial Expert as a guest. Those on her show chat through the worst things that have happened to them, from funny things to more serious stuff and I'm really enjoying it so far!

Food 4 Thot

I absolutely adore this podcast. It's hosted by 4 multi-racial queer individuals who cover, as they say at the start of each podcast, 'sex, identity, culture, what we like to read and who we like to read'. Definitely emphasis on the sex (it's filthy at times), but they chat about so many aspects of queer culture and it's uplifting, fascinating and just great.

Generation Why

You've got to throw in a good murder podcast, right? True crime has really thrived in the podcast world, but my favourite has to be Generation Why. It discusses all of the usual famous serial killers and some less known murders, but all in amazing detail. They're well researched and informative, so you'll get a feel for the person who committed the crime as well as the life of the person (or people) who sadly met a grizzly end.

The Unofficial Expert

From getting dumped to being unorganised to sex dates to daddy issues, there are few topics that this podcast doesn't cover. Comedians Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin ask a guest on each week to chat through their chosen subject as an 'Unofficial Expert'. It's so funny and relevant and I absolutely adore the hosts (who are beautiful babes to boot!). Tune in for a laugh!

Worst Firsts

I've followed Brittany Furlan since the Vine days and she is so funny and keeps it very real, so I was so happy when she created a podcast. Her guests (most are famous, inc her husband Tommy Lee) share stories of their worst first experiences like dates and general crazy stuff that's happened in their lives. It's great entertainment!