today: gym and nandos

i’ve been a bit of a bad blogger over the past few days haven’t i? nevermind!

i went out on saturday night with the people who i used to work with for my friend charlotte’s birthday, i would post some photos but to be honest they’re all far too embarrassing. i got to wear my new wedges though and i wasn’t in agony by the end of the night so i think they were a good purchase!
i started the gym yesterday with my friend sharon, she’s determined to go every day and lose a stone. i really just want to tone up but losing a pound or two sounds like a bonus. i’ve been enjoying it so far, despite having to get up really early. my legs are hurting today because i was late and tried to catch up with sharon calorie-wise so went mental, ouch. we went to nandos after, perhaps not the healthiest of choices but you know, i’m putting in a lot of effort here.

most of the machines have TV’s in the screens so you can sit and watch bargain hunt while you’re dying on the treadmill, always a bonus!

anyways, we went for a walk around town after and i now need the following from topshop:

the first trousers are so beautiful in person, like black and white paisley pattern, i adore them and think i might get them when i have money again 
i think i might just do nothing for the rest of the evening, i really need something new to watch though…