Why You Need to Try Sephora Rouge Cream Lipsticks


Oh Sephora. I wish you existed in the UK but sadly you do not, so I have to get my fix via the website or kind friends/family that venture to the states often. I do try and pick up brands you can’t get anywhere else and there’s non better than the actual Sephora brand itself. I’ve become a bit obsessed with the Sephora Rouge Cream Lipsticks so I thought, as I have three of them, that I’ll give you three reasons why you need to pick some up yourself.

One: They’re Super Cheap | I mean, I know the conversion rate is a bit rubbish right now but they’re $12.50 or around £9 to pick one of these bad boys up. That definitely puts them in ‘drugstore’ territory and, for how amazing they are and how they act like something way more expensive, they’re 100% worth every penny.

Two: The Formula is Gorgeous | Aside from the affordable price (and the sleek packaging), the formula is the best part of these lipsticks. As the name suggests, they’re ultra creamy, insanely pigmented and very long lasting. The product sits comfortably on your lips too, so it makes them easy to wear on those long days. They apply easily without dragging on your lips too and

Three: The Colour Range | Sephora has such a huge range of colours in their collection. The three shades I have are Oh Oh! which is a gorgeous rose shade, Belly Dancing which is a staple bold red and Charmer which is my favourite peachy-nude hue. They have everything from the palest shades to the darkest purples, so you’ll definitely be able to find a shade to suit you.

Have you tried these lipsticks before?

Helen x