6 Jul 2015

BEAUTY: Summer Skincare Staples

To me, summer is about keeping skin hydrated, protected, smooth and clean. There's nothing worse than feeling all gross and hot under your makeup, so I tend to streamline my skincare so it keeps my skin in top condition and stops whatever I put on top sliding around and looking terrible.

I use a light cleanser on a morning (sometimes double cleansing if I feel a bit urgh), apply a toner to freshen everything up and go in with a hydrating serum. My favourite is Indeed Labs Hydraluron, as it's not heavy, sinks in in two seconds and makes my moisturiser work so much better. It's great at keeping the hydrating locked in, which is what I always need with my combination complexion.

For moisturiser, I love using Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser as it works so well with my skin (ie it doesn't break me out - hallelujah) and keeps shine at bay on those hot days. For my eye cream, I've been using Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, as it's light enough to use both day and night and hydrates the eye area well.

I'm big on treatments in summer too, as my skin tends to feel a little congested, especially as I still wear heavy foundations. I exfoliate my skin with the Jurlique Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator, as it works in around 10 minutes to buff away any dead skin cells and reveals a bright and more even looking complexion.

I use a clay based mask once or twice a week too, as I like my skin to feel clean! The REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask is one of my most repurchased as it really cleanses pores, reduces congestion and gives skin a bit of a boost! I find this works well when I'm having a break out too, as it tends to reduce redness and heal things a bit quicker.

What do you use in Summer to keep your skin happy?

Helen x
ps. Check out the lovely Chloe Witty's blog!  

Some of these items have been sent to me for review purposes, see my full disclaimer here.
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4 Jul 2015

TODAY: Too Warm to be Interesting

shirt: Zara (old) | jeans: J Brand* | bag: Gucci | shoes: Charlotte Olympia | sunglasses: Alexander McQueen* 

There's something about this weather that makes me completely lost when it comes to my wardrobe. I've never been a shorts and vest top kinda gal, even having my arms on show doesn't appeal to me, so I spend more time staring blankly at my clothes than any other time of year. I mean, will I be too hot? Will I get cold? What if it rains? This is basically my excuse for the rather dull outfit above. That and I need to scrub my tan off so I couldn't get my legs out...

Anyway, excuses aside, can we talk about how cute my shoes are? I can't stop looking at them whenever I wear them, they're just so darn adorable. Also shoutout to my new McQueen sunglasses, I wanted some with thin metal sides for ages and these fit the oversized bill perfectly. Love me some shaaades.

I'm at a wedding today so may be taking some outfit snaps of my lewk beforehand if I get time. It's in Alnwick (of Harry Potter castle fame) so it should be a lovely day out!

Helen x
ps. Check out the lovely Chloe Witty's blog!  
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3 Jul 2015

BEAUTY: Forever Repurchased

You know those products where you panic when you come to the end of them? I realised the other day that I have a fair few of them, you know, the ones you've repurchased time and time again or keep coming back to. So, I thought I'd share my own version of desert island beauty items...

The Foundation | I've raved about Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in so many blog posts already, but it really is one of my all time favourites. I believe the one above is my third bottle and it's almost empty, so I'll be buying a new one asap. If you like full coverage, flaw perfecting, spot hiding, even looking foundations - then this is the one for you! It does feel a little heavy after around 8-10 hours, but what do you expect from a foundation with such high coverage. It's the only one I have that stays in place all day no matter what I'm doing!

The Corrector | To me, the amazing Bobbi Brown Corrector is the difference between faking having a good 8hrs sleep and looking like I haven't slept in a week if I haven't used. As someone who is utterly cursed by genetic dark circles, this creamy yet blendable product works wonders to lighten and brighten my under eye area, with the help of that ultra correcting peachy tone. I wouldn't be without it!

The Concealer | While I've tried my fair share of high end concealers, one I always come back to is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. For around £5, this little tube of greatness covers blemished and under eye circles perfectly without looking cakey or dry. I switch between shade 1 and 2 depending on the time of year and I honestly can't fault it!

The Lipstick | As you may be aware, red lipstick is sort of my thing. I must own more reds than any other colour in my collection, so it's no surprise that MAC Lipstick in RED had to be in my top picks. I really love this shade, as it's not too blue and not too pink, so flatters my complexion perfectly plus the pigmented formula means it lasts ages too!

The Mascara | I mentioned this in a recent post, but the Clinique High Impact Mascara really is one of the best I've ever used. It's lengthening, makes my lashes look thicker and is seriously black which is perfect as I love having really dark lashes! Think I'm onto my third or fourth tube now and I rarely reach for anything else unless I'm testing something for the blog!

What's on your forever repurchased list? 

Helen x
ps. Check out the lovely Chloe Witty's blog!  
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